About Us


Our company was born out of a desire to offer a better experience in home and business services. We are passionate about improving lives both by giving our clients more time and clean spaces to enjoy as well as by making Specially Maid a great place to work.

We provide sustainable and fulfilling careers for our employees. In an industry where an increasing number of workers are independent contractors, the shortfalls that come with that model are too numerous to mention. To name a few; many contractors do not have the benefit of paid training, they are often asked to provide their own supplies and equipment, most are underpaid, and none are protected under the Alberta Employment Standards Code. At Specially Maid all of our cleaners are valued employees. As such, they receive paid training, paid travel time, vacation pay, and workers’ compensation. We provide all tools and supplies, personal protective equipment, as well as footwear and clothing allowances. Hourly compensation is well above the Alberta minimum wage.

We have a strong commitment to cleaning green; protecting our planet and it’s inhabitants. We use only 100% biodegradable cleaning agents that are safe and effective without exposing anyone to potentially harmful chemicals and vapors. We have specifically chosen soaps and detergents that are manufactured in a way that does not contribute to deforestation, species extinction, high greenhouse gas emissions, or human rights violations.

That’s a little about us. Now, let’s hear how we can help you!